Shades & Shadows – First Post


Made the initial pixel art too small as you can see from the image above. I’m not sure if I want to continue using Photoshop for the art or switch to PyxelEdit.

I’ve wanted to do a colour based game for a while but I haven’t been able to find a good way of implementing it.

  • Stealth game
  • You can change your character’s colour
    • Basic colours: Red, Green, Blue – press either ‘R’, ‘G’, or ‘B’ to switch to the corresponding colour.
    • Press more than one Basic colour key. Your player’s resulting colour will be the combination of the colours corresponding to the keys you pressed.

Two Ideas For AI Detection

  1. There are coloured patches on wall. If the player’s colour matches the wall’s colour, enemies can’t detect them.
  2. Enemies send out vision pulses every few seconds. If you are the same colour as the enemy, their waves don’t detect you. If 2 enemies beams overlap, they blend and form whatever colour is the result of mixing those 2 colours.

Initial Brainstorming

  • Decorator pattern for weapons & armour system + AI
  • Physics system
  • Strategy pattern for AI algorithm
  • Sine wave generator (for Boss attack)
  • Enemies shoot projectiles out of their arms when they detect something close by. Colliding with projectile sets off alarm
  • Enemies can teleport to any block that’s the same colour as them?
  • Implement cameras?
    • Infrared & night vision cameras. Each one is avoidable by turning a certain colour.
      • Ex. blue for infrared (cool off) and black for night vision.
  • Make the trident into projectile?
    • Stuns enemies normally but can shock enemies if thrown through electricity.
  • Player can cast a sine wave attack.
    • Different ability for different colours. One could disable missiles, for example.
  • Able to lure enemies out of their colour zone to make missiles target enemies.
  • Missiles only home in on things that aren’t the same colour as them.
  • Different coloured missiles have different effects.
    • Ex. Freeze, poison gas, electricity, explosion
  • Missile passing through colour waves adopt that colour and change their effect?

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