Enemy Art – Colour Change + Arms



I changed the colour of the AI’s body and head to white. It looks more badass than grey.

Added an Omega symbol on its chest. Represents the model (difficulty) of the AI. AI of different ranks will have different greek letters. Higher difficulty = higher letter (Alpha is the weakest enemy type, Omega is the strongest).

The AI now has arms. The elbows need to be tweaked (smaller?). Not sure if the shoulders should be black or white.

Blue background is just to make the AI visible on the page. I’ll have to watch out for visibility problems when designing levels.

I can’t decide if the antennas should be black or white.

The goggles don’t look centered.


Enemy Art Concept

This will be the look of the game’s enemies. I still need to add arms & legs and add more detail to the rest of the picture. Visor colour will change to represent the enemy type. The logo on its forehead will probably change but there will be some sort of badge/crest there.